Sunday, March 2, 2008

Air Crochet

Howdy all!

I'm off to Arizona tomorrow morning for a week long meeting - actually only Tuesday through Thursday, but Monday and Friday are travel days. My hook will be busy during the flight out there and back home.

Good news is that there are at least two yarn shops in Mesa to visit - one of which is within walking distance of the hotel.

While I would love to visit both, I'll probably only make it to the Fiber Factory. No rental car for me and I'm not up for walking 9+ miles one way for the other store. I hope to have a review for you all upon my return.

Wondering about the yarn freeze? Oh yes, my wonderful husband did remind me of it. But he also added:

However, as the designated authority for enforcing the moratorium, if you find something that is of such value and usefulness in Mesa that you want to get a travel exemption from the freeze, then I'll consider it ;)

Ain't he great? We'll see if I find anything worthy of breaking the freeze.

The eight-pocket two-tone carryall tote is coming along nicely, though slower than anticipated. I sewed the lining for the side pockets and attached them to the pieces. The bag is put together and the pockets are attached. Next I need to sew the lining to the handles and attach the handles to the bag. This will have to wait until my return from the Southwest.

But it may not get done during next weekend either because Saturday I'm going to be a little busy with my first cake decorating class at Joann's - YAY!!! I'm so excited! I registered today and bought all my supplies. A full update to follow.


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The Queen of the Snow Cows said...

Safe travelling, woman!

And, regarding the freeze...there IS such a thing as SOUVENIR YARN which is not counted in a yarn freeze.