Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mesa, AZ Yarn Store: The Fiber Factory

Last week I was in the southwest for work - Mesa, Arizona to be exact. As has become a routine of mine, prior to my departure I checked to see if there would be any local yarn stores near the hotel in which I would be staying. I found two - The Fiber Factory and Yarn Fifth Avenue (formerly know as "Skip One Purl Too"). Only one was within walking distance so that was the one I was able to visit.

The Fiber Factory
216 West Main Street
Mesa, AZ 85201
(480) 969-4346

The Fiber Factory

I walked along Main Street in Mesa until I came upon this cute little store front. I got such an excellent vibe from the place as soon as I saw the painted knitting sheep on the front door. When I walked in, I was pleasantly surprised at the size and cleanliness of the store. There were weaving supplies galore - from roving to spindles to spinning wheels to looms, followed by shelves and bins of beautiful yarns, ranging from synthetics and bargain finds to some rather pricey and exquisite skeins. There were buttons and decorations and a very large library of books, magazines and patterns. There was also a large selection of knitting needles and almost all sizes of crochet hooks. This was a crochet-friendly store indeed!

I walked through the store looking at all the wares. So many colors and fibers and textures. It was wonderful. And the staff - super friendly! I know that if I lived in Mesa or Phoenix, I would be a regular customer at The Fiber Factory.

Now - as my husband and The Queen pointed out, I was not held to keeping to the yarn freeze while on vacation. And I wasn't going to buy anything - until I saw these sweet little skeins in lilac and rose.

Queensland Collection Bebe CotSoy Yarn
Bebe CotSoy LilacBebe CotSoy Rose

I only bought a skein of each (which I thought was very good for me). When the salesperson asked me what I was going to make, I answered truthfully...

"I have no idea. I just liked it."

The other small thing I picked up was a button for my tote bag.

Button 01

All in all, I left the store with less than a $17 purchase. Pretty good, if you ask me. Now ... what will I make with this new addition to my stash?

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