Tuesday, March 11, 2008

So Much To Say

I've got multiple updates to post here. First, my trip to Arizona brought an early defrost to the yarn freeze. Secondly, I'm well on the way to finishing the Eight Pocket Two-Tone Carryall Tote. Thirdly, I had a blast at my first cake decorating class last Saturday. But all of these deserve their own posts - so I'll just do a quick update on item #3.

Cake Decorating class #1: It was informative but we didn't actually do anything. We just watched the instructor make frosting and explain the equipment and give us tips and information on cake decorating. Our homework was to practice making frosting and using our supplies (of which I bought quite an impressive tool caddy with supplies in it - no worries as I got it at 50% off).

I got home and though I wanted to make a batch right away, Sean and I had tickets to see Celtic Woman in concert. It was a great concert and the performers did a magnificent job given the crappy venue of the First Mariner Area (having hosted a rodeo the prior weekend).

On Sunday, I had set aside time to get my cake decorating mojo going. I took out all my tools and prepared the area and measured, measured, measured.

Alas, my first batch of frosting was not very good.

I tried to do a double batch and my wonderful KitchenAid just wasn't big enough for all that sugar and Crisco. Thus, my frosting was too thick and not properly mixed. wasn't able to practice with the different frosting tips since the frosting was the wrong consistency. But the cake still tasted good even if it didn't look very good (hence, no photos here).

I have to make another 2 batches of frosting (one to frost the whole thing and the other for decorating) and bake a cake for Saturday's class. I learned my lesson - only one batch at a time. Let's hope I get it right next time and that I have some good photos to share.

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