Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hello from Po-hone-ix

I made it safely out to Arizona. There was some turbulence that was unnerving (nothing like this though) plus a cab ride where the driver seemed to make his job interesting by seeing just how close he could tailgate people. I was white-knuckled for the ride to the hotel.

But the five hours on the plane were quite productive in the crochet sense. I finished the first half of the “A” pillow.

"A" Pillow 02

I do love the color – vibrant and fun. I think the hook size I used worked well with the yarn but the overall size was much larger than anticipated. I didn’t bring my tape measure so I included my cell phone there as a reference.

I was hoping to make the entire alphabet as a learning tool for little Brodie but 26 of these might 1) be too big for little hands, and 2) too big to easily store the entire alphabet in a toy box. So this project may be re-thought to just be pillows for their names (Brodie, Grace and TBD). I’m also not a huge fan of the font. Something simpler – sorta like Arial font – might be better for learning purposes. If anyone has different and smaller alphabet crochet patterns, please let me know.

Speaking of TBD, s/he is due in June. The gender will not be known until the big day so I’m making a gender neutral blanket – which was also started on my plane ride out to the southwest.

TBD Baby Afghan 01

So far, I do like the new Cupcake yarn by Lion Brand. I think as this blanket gets larger, I’ll like the overall color pattern more. Right now, it’s just a plain old granny square and I don’t like to give plain old anything to a new baby. I’ve got a back up plan if I don’t like the blanket when it’s done. And when TBD gets an actual name, then I can make the pillows for him/her.

I’m planning to make my trek to the Fiber Factory on Thursday night. They are open until 9:00 pm and I’m hoping to be out of work in time to walk over there and actually look around the store. Goddess knows, I’ll need to add an additional 15 minutes to my walk in order to get lost and then finally find the place.

The weather is nice, the work is going well - but I'm so looking forward to going home!

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the mistress said...

I love the font. I think it's cartoonish. :) The color is lovely as well. I can see why you only want to do names. I think that's a great idea.