Monday, November 23, 2009

Holiday Seamus

Proof that two weekends ago, I got Seamus to sit still long enough for a photo:

Seamus - Holidays 2009 (2)

Isn't he just the cutest? And to answer the question in advance about how I got him to smile - I had a bunch of treats that I gave him when he sat still and looked at the camera (ye olde positive reinforcement trick). I think he was about to open his mouth and whine that he had not yet received a treat for doing the right thing. Hence, it looks like he's smiling.

Think he's uber cute? I do - so I entered him into Hallmark's cute dog photo contest. Click here to view and vote for him --

Voting ends December 15, 2009 and winners will be announced late January 2010!
Feel free to pass this along to others to get Seamus some more votes or enter your own dog in the contest.

Here are a couple more from the photo shoot:

Seamus - Holidays 2009 (3)

Seamus - Holidays 2009 (1)


CHo Meir said...

wow, look at that smile! that's too cute.

the mistress said...

I think you should have entered the one where he's sticking out his tongue. =)