Friday, November 13, 2009

A Whirlwind Weekend Ahead

My to-do list for this weekend is daunting, and I'm not talking about the mundane grocery shopping, laundry and clean the house on the list. It is the crafty to-do's that are looking insurmountable - not each on their own, but all of them completed (or at least started) in one weekend is looking like too much. Here's the list:

  • Make curtain for Office shelving
  • Make craft room curtains
  • Paint advent calendar
  • Colorflow lady bugs and gingerbread house decorations
  • Start making reindeer candy canes
  • Christmas photo of Seamus
  • Wrap Gifts
  • Organize craft room

I need to get started and complete a few of these because Thanksgiving will be held at our house this year as well as a big holiday party a few weekends later. I've got to get this stuff done ahead of time so that I can focus on cooking and entertaining. I'm even going to have to break my own long-standing rule and put up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving. The tree will probably wait until after Thanksgiving but the swags and Christmas lights will probably go up next weekend.

Any guesses on how much I will actually get done this weekend? And how much caffeine I'll need to ingest to tackle it all?

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perchesinthesoul said...

I would be happy to help, if you want to save any of your list items for our overnight visit.