Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Keeping Score

Results of my weekend to-do list:
  • Make curtain for Office shelving --> completed though I had to use different fabric than I planned on and it's really not that functional to use all the time. It will work to hide the cluttered mess during Thanksgiving and the Christmas party.
  • Make craft room curtains --> didn't happen. I'm not holding out hope of it happening this weekend either.
  • Paint advent calendar --> almost done - completed about 70% of it before I had lost the drive to paint. Painting creativity ebbs and flows with me so I have to act on it when I get it and know when to stop when it's gone.
  • Colorflow lady bugs and gingerbread house decorations --> didn't happen. Must make the ladybugs tonight so there is time for them to dry completely before next week.
  • Start making reindeer candy canes --> didn't start making them but I do have all the materials. Will probably make them after Thanksgiving, in between decorating, Christmas cards and watching Christmas Vacation.
  • Christmas photo of Seamus --> completed and I got some uber cute photos.
  • Wrap Gifts --> completed
  • Organize craft room --> not completed - and in fact, the craft room became less organized because I was doing all these craft projects. Hoping to get things under control this weekend.

At first I was disappointed that I didn't get it all done. I felt like I had only done a few things but my wonderful husband pointed out all the other things I got done while doing part of this crafty list, such as the mundane shopping and laundry. There was also a trip to the dog park that Seamus thoroughly enjoyed and some work done on the overdue baby blanket. This weekend promises to be just as crazy busy with lots of stuff to do. Fingers crossed I can get a lot of it done.

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