Monday, November 30, 2009

Thankful (and crafty) Weekend

Hope everyone had a splendid Thankgiving! I know I did. I was lucky enough to spend it at home with my wonderful husband and close friends. The company was superb and the food was delicious. The only downside was how quickly the time flew by.

Perches, Mr. Perches and bebe came for Thanksgiving and stayed a couple of nights to visit. We had a wonderful time catching up, going to the aquarium, munching on leftovers, watching favorite movies, and yes - being crafty. I give you the fruits of our Saturday morning labors - reindeer!

Reindeer 2009 04

A new color scheme for this year compared to years past. They have already been delivered to Sean's work place where people were happy to see them (and surprised they were done so early). A half dozen followed Perches home to adorn her Christmas tree and I have a handful left for my own tree. We didn't get a chance to make reindeer food but I'm hoping to do that this weekend.

I was also the very lucky recipient of these beautiful, handmade by Perches herself, stitch markers. I LOVE THEM! Seriously - when she gets her Etsy store up and running, you should buy a pair of these markers.

Stitch Markers

We also made a quick trip to Joann's on Black Friday. It was late in the evening and we were on a mission to get Perches some size 6 circular needles. What could've, should've been a 10 minute visit to the store lasted closer to an hour. We wandered through the isles, seeing what was on sale and what looked interesting. Decorations and containers, trees and swags, fabric and notions, and then the yarn department. Perches helped me NOT impulse buy yarn for a baby blanket. I so wanted the colors and yarns to go together but her eyes confirmed my own - they just didn't. I'll need to pay the premium cost to get the right yarn in the right colors from the manufacturer. I did end up buying some fat quarters which were half price. The selection was slim as it was one of the few areas ravenged by black Friday shoppers.


What am I going to do with these swatches of fabric? Your guess is as good as mine. I'm thinking they would be great as purse or pocket lining. At 79 cents each, it's okay that they don't have a predetermined purpose right now.

Hope you found time to fit in some craftiness over the holiday.

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