Thursday, January 28, 2010

Completed Project: Ocean Waves Blanket for Caitlin

Little Caitlin was born on January 4th - the same day I started her blanket. I had incorrectly remembered her momma's due date as being at the end of January, not the beginning. That coupled with the late completion of the afghan of the sandman resulted in the only now just finished blanket for Caitlin.

Ocean Waves 1 05

Ocean Waves 1 01
(Seamus blinked)

Full details on Ravelry

This was a free pattern from Lion Brand but I substituted the yarn (Babysoft), hook size (G), colors (violet, lavender and pale pink) and did a different border (using the afghan of the sandman pattern's border). While I love the colors and the way the border looks, the yarn isn't as soft as I would have liked and the blanket turned out a bit smaller than I had hoped (one of the reasons I changed the border to make the blanket bigger). Don't get me wrong - I still love the finished blanket and I hope that Caitlin does, too.

I have 2 more of these blankets to make, one for a baby girl (Lucia) and one for a baby boy. I'll be switching out one of the colors for Lucia's blanket as per her momma's color theme for the nursery. I've got to have that blanket done by the baby shower that is two weeks away. (Good thing I started the blanket yesterday!) For the baby boy, I'm think it will be pale blue, white and perhaps a pale green if I can find it. Luckily, that blanket doesn't need to be done until March 5. Mom and Dad don't know I'm making it so it should be a nice surprise for them.

I'm off to the Rocky Mountains for work today. Lots of time for crocheting but no time for an LYS visit.

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