Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Three years and counting...

Wow. Three years of this blog already???! It seems like just yesterday I gave up the blog of ranting and raving (the Shoe Box) for one devoted to crafting. And so many visitors - over 21,000! I hope that over the years readers have found the blog interesting, informative and occasionally funny. I've gotten a lot out of having the blog. It refocused me on my crafty pursuits and got me writing again. Maybe not writing well, but writing nonetheless. I'll look at it as a way to ward off dementia in my 30's.

Thanks to all for stopping by and reading about my crafty exploits. I'm hoping to keep it active through this year and I'm contemplating some changes to the blog - as in the title and blog host. Even for a Taurus, change can be good. :)

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