Friday, January 15, 2010


Dear Queen,

The yarn for aforementioned blanket has been acquired. Good thing you sent that email about yarn on sale at Joann's!

Homespun Barley 2

No estimate yet on when you'll actually get a blanket you can use, but at least you know it'll happen sometime in 2010.




PS: Mistress and Perches - I'm still taking orders for 2010 so speak up with a color selection.


Sam said...

I will send you a link to sample blues - or you can let me know if you want darker or lighter blues, or a mixture. :)

The Queen of the Snow Cows said...

AWESOME!! Now that's a fun and surprising post. I shall wait patiently no matter how long it takes.


perchesinthesoul said...

Oh geez, you are super sweet to offer/entice but I am NOT going to add to your already overflowing craft list for the year. Thank you for offering!! Stop enticing me!!

Sam said...

You've already been added, KMP - so either pick a color or theme or I'll just have to pick one for you. :)

perchesinthesoul said...

I blow zerberts in your general direction. How about another pair of socks? My feet LOVE your socks.

Sam said...

Okay - socks it shall be. I have oodles of sock yarn to choose from. You can check it out next time you're up at the house or we can pick out a special skein at MS&W. :)