Thursday, July 12, 2007

Checking In...

Greetings and salutations! My apologies for being out of the blogosphere. Not much going on in the crochet world as I've been busily applying and interviewing for jobs. Oh, the stress! Oh, the decisions! At least it looks like my Masters degree is paying off. It's landed me a couple of sweet interviews that I don't think I would have gotten without ye olde Hopkins name on my resume. I did get a job offer the other week and had to turn it down. They weren't going to pay me enough and I would have had to drive to work instead of using public transportation. That would have meant having to buy a second car, higher insurance costs, and more gas - so this made the paycheck even smaller. And I kid you not - the fact that I could not crochet during my commute did play a part in my decision not to take the job.

I've got a new project underway (that'll be another post) and Sean and I are getting ready for vacation (also another post). Ravelry has also been taking up some time. I'm loving all the new features they've added, especially the "Groups" feature. It's made finding local knitting/crocheting groups a lot easier. After I get a new job and we move (Did I mention we're moving in September? Yeah - there's some added stress there!) and I have some kind of normal schedule, I'm going to join up with a crafty group.

I'm also toying with the idea of attending Stitches East in Baltimore in October. While it's really for knitters (why are crocheters always left out??!), there is supposed to be a plethora of yarn vendors. I'd like to go - not to buy much but definitely to check stuff out. I'll have to see what my budget looks like as the time approaches - and I'll have to see if I can take that Friday off to go on the first day the market is open. The early bird gets the best yarn, right?

So that's my update and I'm hoping to post a couple more times this week. But right now - it's back to work. Happy Thursday, all!

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