Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Completed Project: Alphabet Pillow

I never got around to posting about this project when I first started it - and now, here it is, all finished. A quick project that I could have finished in a weekend (but I stretched it out over two).

In Sesame Street fashion....This post is brought to you by the letter "J".


J Pillow 02

Pattern: Alphabet Pillows Letter "J" by Woven ~n~ Spun

Hook size: J


Size: 15" wide by 18" long

Modifications: I used a larger hook (J) and twice the yarn (holding two strands of the off-white yarn together) than what the pattern called for.

I used an F hook and only 1 strand of the off-white yarn to attach the two Js together. I did not turn it inside out as I was putting a border around it.

I also added a border. The border is two rows of double crochet using an F hook and the Baby Lash yarn. It covered up some of the messy joining and was a colorful and soft accent to the pillow.

Bonus photos:

Here's a photo of it prior to adding the border:
J Pillow 01

Here's one of the first "J" I made with baby yarn and a size F hook:

J Pillow 03


This pillow is a gift and it was a way to do some stash busting. It is a gift for my niece, Jade, and I was going to make pillows for her entire name - but I ran out of yarn. And given the size of the "J", I'm afraid making similar A, D, and E could be a bit much to display in her room or in her crib.

As for the stash busting, the off-white yarn (which looks yellow to me) had been in my stash for years and the Baby Lash I picked up on sale a few months ago. While I would like to make the other 3 pillows, it would require me to buy more of all this yarn and that doesn't help reduce my stash. We'll see if anything fun is on sale soon.

I do love the way this pillow came out. I may make more of these and perhaps sell them on Etsy or at a local craft fair. Just an idea...


Anonymous said...

how do i get the pattern to make this pillow

Sam said...

Looks like the site is down for good. Sorry. :(