Thursday, July 12, 2007

T-minus 9 Days Until Vacation

Thanks to our wedding reception at a Marriott and the number of flights we took on Southwest, Sean and I are starting our free vacation to Santa Fe, New Mexico next weekend. We've got 4 free nights in Santa Fe and free round trip airfare to Albuquerque. All we'll pay for is food, the rental car, and any activities we do or souvenirs we buy. A trip to the spa is planned - oh, how I need a massage! And of course I will be checking out the local yarn shops. Here is the list of places I hope to visit:

Needle's Eye
839 Paseo de Peralta, Suite O

Oodles Yarn and Bead Gallery
411 W. Water Street

Santa Fe School of Weaving
614 Paseo de Peralta (just north of Marcy St.)

After we return from Santa Fe, we've got a day to recuperate (in other words, do laundry) before we pack up for a road trip to Cooperstown for the Baseball Hall of Fame induction weekend. Cal Ripken Jr. of Orioles fame is being inducted this year so there's sure to be plenty of Marylanders making the trek with us. Not sure if we'll be able to stop by or not, but there is a yarn store in Cooperstown that I may visit.

Sybil's Yarn Shop
1037 State Hwy. 166

So my question to any readers out there - do you know these shops? Have you visited them? Any info or tips you want to pass along? I'll post a review of the ones I visit when I get home but I'd love any info about them before I get there.

"Let's open up a yarn shop down in Santa Fe...Sunny Santa Fe would be nice!"

Alright - name that tune!


The Queen of the Snow Cows said...

Sante Fe from the rent from broadway not that shitty movie soundtrack!

I love souvenir yarn. I hope you score some good finds.

Sam said...

Ding! Ding! Ding!

We have a winner!

I saw some of the crappy movie on cable the other weekend. What a complete and utter disappointment!!