Friday, November 9, 2007

Holiday To-Do's

It's about time I take a serious look at my holiday list of things to make. It's shocking that this year is a bit slim in that department. But that doesn't mean I can put off starting them as there is one big project in there.

Things to do:
  • Scarf for a friend of a friend (this one is almost done)

  • Blanket/afghan for brother-in-law's girlfriend (I've got the yarn but I'm still selecting a stitch pattern to use)

  • Snowflake ornaments and/or present embellishments

  • Christmas stockings (this is a maybe)

I've decided to whom I will be giving the Colorwaves Afghan. I'll probably wrap it soon and get it ready for shipment.

I'm still undecided about what to do with the doilies I've made. I'd like to give them away, but I'm not sure who would use them. Then again, if they look good on the Thanksgiving table and/or buffet, I may end up keeping them.

I also need to gear up to learn how to knit because I'm hankerin' to knit me some socks. I think I'm going to put my anal retentiveness organizational skills to work and create a schedule for reading the books I have (and the books I hope to get for Christmas). I've got to give myself some structure, timelines, goals and deadlines to prompt me to really learn. This may turn into my New Year's resolution...besides, the "dieting and lose weight" one has been done time and time again without results. I might as well concentrate on something more enjoyable, right?

How are your holiday projects coming along?


The Queen of the Snow Cows said...

I'm back to dreaming of all the sweaters I want to knit and getting ready to swatch for them. So technically I'm getting ready to get ready to knit something FOR ME.

Yeah Holiday knitting. ;)

Although the only thing I plan on making for anyone is a hospital gown for Mr. Burns...but we know how long just finishing him bout Yule 2009?

Sam said...

LOL! He'll enjoy his nakedness in the meantime. Of course, if I end up getting a sewing machine for Christmas, he may have a gown a bit earlier. :)