Thursday, November 29, 2007

Let It Snow!

I've got a fabulous book of snowflake patterns and a big old ball of white thread - and it about time I get my rear in gear and start cranking out some snowflakes.

My initial plan was to make enough to put in the holiday cards. But given the fact that I haven't started making any snowflakes and a dozen or so cards are already written and sealed, let's save that idea for next year, shall we?

  • If I can get a few done this year, I'll be happy.

  • If I can get them pinned and stiffened, I'll be very happy.

  • If I can manage to get them completely finished and good enough to be given away as gifts, I'll be ecstatic!

But let's start at the beginning before I get too carried away.

First - I have the initial supplies - hook, thread and pattern. Just got to pick out a few patterns to try and get crocheting them!

Second - I'll need to make a blocking board. Foam core, wax paper and graphs need to be purchased and printed.

Third - I'll need to figure out what type of stiffening process I want to use and I need to buy some pins.

Fourth - I'll have to find the time to do all of this.

I'm optimistic that I'll at least get a few done. I hope. Here are some snowflake related links and resources:

Thread Crochet and Snowflakes Just added this under "Crochet Resources" on the side bar. All the info you need to make a blocking board and info on stiffening techniques.

Julie used the technique above - check it out here. She's also in charge of the "Snowflake Mondays" ring group. I may need to join this.

Snoflakes Group on Ravelry (sorry if you're not a member yet and can't see this group) As a current member, I'm finding that the boards have great tricks and tips and the shared projects give me lots of inspiration.

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