Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Goodbye 2007....Hello 2008!

Greetings and salutations! It is with great pleasure I make time enough this evening to finally get a post on the blog. Though I love the holidays, they do take up so much of my time. I hope all had a good holiday (whichever one(s) you chose to celebrate).

But first - an update! for it has been so long since last I posted here.

First off - I did do a bit of spending with the Joann's gift card I received when I left my last job.

Joanns Spree 1

I needed new paints and new brushes as well as a decent pair of scissors. I spent too much on the pins and pin cushion but they were just too cute and fun not to get them. Not pictured are the supplies I used to make reindeer candy canes (bells, googly eyes, red pom-pom noses, brown pipe cleaners and candy canes) for my and Sean's offices. The bead supplies were for wine charms I made for Sean's aunt. They turned out okay given I've never worked with beads and wire before. I used earring hoops for the rings as they were a much more affordable option ($3) compared to buying memory wire and a memory wire cutter ($10+). I added the snowflakes for a seasonal touch. His aunt seemed to like them.

Snowflake Wine Charms 01

Snowflake Wine Charms 04

And I must say that Santa was just too good to me this year! As noted before, I got ye olde sewing machine for Christmas from my wonderful husband.

Sewing Machine 1

Sewing Machine 2

I haven't had a chance to use it yet or even to look over the instructions booklet, but I will - and hopefully this month - for I need to finish the tote bag. It has been hibernating since September and I do so want to complete it.

I also received some wonderful gifts from my mother-in-law and brother-in-law and his girlfriend.

Christmas 2008

Some crochet hooks, novelty yarn, Maran Illustrated Knitting and Crocheting, I Can't Believe I'm Knitting Socks, the fall issue of Interweave Crochet, and a gift card for Joann's.

And as it was the season for giving, I gave some more to myself. :)

Since I so loved the issue of Interweave Crochet, I sent away for a subscription. I also ordered from Amazon.com Amazing Lace Crochet as there is a shawl I'm dying to make with the yarn I bought at Stitches East. I also bought this knitting day calendar at 50% off:

2008 Calendar

The purple dream blanket is still under construction. I now have until MLK weekend to get it done, for that is the weekend the recipient is coming for a visit.

The coasters for the girls are done! Huzzah! And look - I even blocked them!

Coasters 02

They also got a bit of ironing and some starch, as well as some time drying in the sun.

Coasters 03

I started on the coffee cup cozies and I should have them done this week. Hopefully there will be a package in the mail for the Queen and the Mistress soon.

Another fun development to share - it seems that a random suggestion to turn the sunroom/dining room into a craft room has come to pass. HUZZAH!!!

Crochet Room 01

You see - we got new bedroom furniture and the cabinet you see in the photo didn't fit in the walk-in closet. It's a good piece of furniture and we didn't want to throw it out so it made its way into the sunroom. And while the office needed to be rearranged to accommodate the treadmill, my yarn somehow found its way into the sunroom, too. That, and my eyelash-batting request to Sean, was the tipping point for making it the craft room. It's still a work in progress as you can see the unpacked boxes on the right. There are plans to get a rug for the floor and perhaps a papazan chair from Pier 1 for the corner. Big, comfy chairs are mandatory for a craft room (in my humble opinion).

And with all the projects I have planned for 2008, I'll need a comfy chair in which to complete them. Another friend is prego so another baby blanket will be made. In addition to the tote bag, I have a number of UFOs to complete. I've got an entire list of crafty resolutions - which I shall track in a separate post. :)

Wishing you all a wonderful, fruitful, magical and crafty 2008!


The Queen of the Snow Cows said...

CRAFT ROOM! AWESOME!!!! And I so love the papazan chair idea too. I can't wait for May!

the mistress said...

I heart the craft room. I also heart the coasters you made for us. Yay!
My new year will be very "fruitful." Do you remember Noel from the cheese shop? I was going through my recipes, and I found a hand-written recipe for "Noel's Black Baby Jesus." That's right - I made black bean soup from the cheese shop. Beans, beans the magical fruit... (You know the rest.) teehee
Today's tix for May were a little cheaper, but I'm holding out for a better discount. :)

Sam said...

And in addition to the crafty room, we've got a second bathroom this year! Plus, we got an Aerobed for Christmas - so you girls will have to duke it out to see who gets it. :)

The Queen of the Snow Cows said...

You mean we can't sleep together?


Sam said...