Monday, January 7, 2008

Minimal Progress

For a new year that seems to be going by at lightening speed (the 7th already???), I don't feel like I've been that productive in the craft department. The weekend was spent organizing the craft cabinets. I'm quite happy with the amount of storage but the overall atmosphere of the room still seems a bit bare to me. Perhaps some photos on the wall or a coat of paint will help. A rug and some curtains will also be good additions. And there is a papazan chair I need to pick up from Pier 1 so I can really enjoy the room.

Of course, the time spent in the papazan must be matched by time on the treadmill. The treadmill arrived yesterday and I'm anxious to get on it. I haven't been this heavy voluptuous since sophomore year of college and I need to drop the pounds. If only I could crochet while I walk.

The coasters and coffee cozies are done and I'm hoping to have them off in the mail this week. I'm also hoping to post a final project report on them. Perhaps after some time on the treadmill I'll be able to do that tonight.

With the coasters done, I need to find a new project to bring with me on my commute. When I was reorganizing my yarn stash, I noticed the immense amount of leftover Homespun yarn I have from various projects. I may start making squares for a charity blanket - but if my new book arrives soon, I may have to start on a new shawl.

Hmmm...boring post. It's either the lack of caffeine flowing through my veins or the general malaise of a Monday. Here's hoping the rest of the week improves so I can post an interesting update.


the mistress said...

A charity blanket is a great idea! Another great way to use up your left-over yarn is to make dog and cat toys. They don't require much yarn, and you can find many free patterns online. They are also small enough to carry with you on your train ride and very quick to make. I know you don't have any pets (yet), but you could always donate them to a local rescue. Our Petco has a donation box at the front of the store.
I will anxiously await the arrival of my coasters. Thank you so much!

Sam said...

Coasters will be in the mail today. :)

the mistress said...

Yay! I am still working on my first scarf. It's actually starting to look like a scarf which is great motivation. Maybe I'll have it finished in time for next winter. (tee hee)