Saturday, January 26, 2008

Yarn Freeze

So I went from lack of motivation with too many projects on the hook to lots of ideas...and still too many unfinished projects on the hook. How did I remedy the situation?

I bought yarn.

But to be fair - I was only going to go to Joann's to pick up more Homespun to finish the purple dream blanket. But there was no sale to be had and I figured I could get a better deal online. I would also be able to buy this new yarn by Lion Brand for a baby blanket I need to make. While the Lion Brand site had decent prices (y'all know how to trick the system into giving you 15% off, right?), I found better prices elsewhere...which included really good prices on other brands of yarn and a flat rate on shipping. Before I knew it, I was hitting the "Place Order" button while my credit card winced in pain.

Upon reflection of what I had just done, I made a very difficult decision:

I am on a yarn freeze until MS&W in May.

The final pre-freeze splurge arrived on Wednesday from Knitting Warehouse. I laughed when I was tracking the package online - 10.6 pounds of yarn! Egads! It's a record for me.

Knitting Warehouse Yarn Order Jan 08

So let's start with what prompted this spree in the first place: the Homespun yarn in Grape to finish the Purple Dream blanket.

Purple Dream Blanket 04Purple Dream Blanket 03Purple Dream Blanket 02

When I took the photos earlier this week, the lighting in the room was awful and no matter how I tried to fix the flash, I couldn't get very good shots. These photos are fixed up a bit except the last one - that one is au naturale. The blanket has almost 8 skeins in it and 4 more skeins to go. And yes, that's the new papazan. It's so comfy!

Next in the order was 2 skeins in each color: Almond, Lemon Drop, Pistachio, & Blueberry.

This is Lion Brand's new Cupcake yarn that I'm going to use to make a baby blanket for my most-recently prego pal. They are keeping the gender of the baby a surprise so I need to make a gender-neutral blanket. This is the one I'm making (free pattern from Lion Brand if you sign in):

Cupcake Yarn Baby Afghan

As the Cupcake yarn is new and I was buying it without seeing or feeling it in person, I decided I needed to order a back up. Hence, I bought some Cotton-Ease in similar colors, though I picked a reddish-orange color instead of the pale yellow.

Two skeins each of Maize, Lake, Lime and Terracotta.
Cotton-Ease 02

The bright colored acrylic yarn is for little Brodie's crocheted alphabet project. Yep - I'm gonna make 26 little stuffed pillows in the hopes that it helps her learn her alphabet.

Two skeins each of Caron Simply Soft Brites in Watermelon, Mango, Lemonade, Limelight, Berry Blue and Rose Violet
Caron Simply Soft Brites

I'm using the patterns by Woven~n~Spun. No worries - the letters won't be as big as the "J" pillow I made.


Hmmmmm.....Where am I going to put all the new fiberliciousness? The yarn cabinet was full before the big purchase.

Craft Cabinet

At least I know I'll be able to find room for these... Prior to the ordering, I used some of my Christmas gift cards at Joann's to buy circular needles. I'm hoping that having them will get me motivated to learn how to use them. We'll see.

Circular Needles
Susan Bates sizes 2, 3, 4 & 5.

I also found these adorable wooden statues with which to decorate the craft room.

Faeries 02


All the new yarn must sit and wait for me to use it, for in addition to the yarn freeze, I'm also on a project freeze until the Purple Dream blanket is completed. It was to be a Christmas gift and then it was supposed to be done by MLK weekend. For the love of cheese, it must be done before Valentine's Day!

And did I mention the other projects hanging out?

I started both of these projects because they are easily transportable during my commute and I was trying to use up yarn in my stash.

An Oscar scarf made out of Olive Fun Fur I got for Christmas:

Oscar Scarf

The beginnings of yet another baby and/or kid blanket made with flower motifs:

Flowers 01

And don't forget, the yet unfinished Eight Pocket Two-Tone Carryall Tote and the Spiral Pentagram Motif Shawl.

So the yarn freeze will (AND MUST!) continue until MS&W in May.

I WILL BUY NOTHING until then.


Have a little faith in me, would you? :)


CHo Meir said...

I believe in U! Here's hoping u can put up a good fight. I lost my battle this past Thursday, But I'm 4 days sober now. Good Luck....

Sam said...

LOL! Thanks!

I guess I should put up a counter that says something like "No Yarn Purchased in xx Days". :)

The Queen of the Snow Cows said...

1) you make me feel better about my smiley's yarn purchase!

2) I love those statues. They are so very you.

3) How bout using the upper shelf in the middle for the new yarn purchase?

4) You can totally do the yarn diet. It's only 3 months of no yarn and you have PLENTY to keep you busy until then.

If you like I'll do the yarn diet with you. Although, I do have a$25 gift certificate to a LYS from Christmas that I may cash in between now and May...but that shouldn't count. ;)

Sam said...

Good idea about the yarn storage, Queen.

As for the yarn diet (one that is as difficult to stay on as a food diet), I agree - using a gift certificate you got for Christmas does not count. And in my book, you should be allowed to spend your own money as long as it is less than or equal to the amount of the gift card. :)

Tracie said...

Well, I for one am envious of your 10 lb newly arrived stash. However, no more yarn until May--I don't envy you there.

Have fun with it all!

Oh, and I'm anxious to see that 8-pocket tote.

Sam said...

Tracie - THIS WEEKEND. If I can get the new sewing machine to work. :)

Thanks for hanging in there! :)

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Really, I don't think you're serious about this yarn thing at ALL. Call that a storage facility? Wouldn't hold my itty-bitty sock yarn leftovers. Currently using one very large basement, with wall to wall big plastic bins, and it STILL isn't enough. Come on, come on that girl...

Sam said...


I should be happy to be in a condo without a basement or additional storage areas for more yarn...because if I had the room, I probably would spend the money on yarn instead of the mortgage. :)