Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Completed Project: Garter for The Mistress

One of my dearest friends - a sister by choice - got hitched on Labor Day weekend. Since I could not be there in person, I made her a garter to wear.

05 Beth Garter

Yes, that is a skull button on the garter. Nothing less for Mistress Dark Forces. I also made a matching tie clip for the groom.

07 Beth Garter

You'll also notice the calla lilies on the garter, one of the Mistress' favorite flowers. The grey matched the sash of her beautiful wedding dress. I did a pretty good job considering this was the first garter I ever made and I had no idea what I was doing except for directions from the internet and a lot of hope.

I also personalized some beer cozies for the bride and groom. They told me they used them all weekend. It made me smile. :)

Beer Cozies

While today I celebrate my third anniversary to the most wonderful man in the world, this weekend I get to celebrate with Mistress Dark Forces and her man as they host what surely will be one hell of a Halloween reception in San Diego! The Queen will also be there and Perches will be there in spirit. Fingers crossed I can get the second garter finished before I leave so she has something to throw.


The Queen of the Snow Cows said...

And obviously, Happy Anniversary to you both (again). :)

The Queen of the Snow Cows said...

SAM! That garter is awesome!!! And the beer cozies are so clever!

Lady, I CANNOT wait for tomorrow. I am all stress and excitement. WOO!

the mistress said...

I love them so so so so so so much! The gifts really made my day. Can't wait to see you girls TOMORROW!
I have 2 mid-terms to finish before then. YOWSA!