Sunday, October 11, 2009

Easton, MD LYS - Yarns & Company

Made another trip out to the lovely Eastern Shore a few weekends ago. Seriously - I need to move there. If only I could get a job there making what I make now or perhaps a teleworking position that would allow me to work from home. That is the dream!

We started in Easton and walked the quaint streets while enjoying the absolutely gorgeous fall weather. We popped into Irish Traditions, a store which was the most authentic Irish store I've seen stateside. I picked up some Christmas gifts (yes - CHRISTMAS gifts) and saw the most wonderful paintings and knitted items. The store owner was so nice, too.

Unfortunately, the Christmas gifts didn't exactly stay Christmas gifts as I gave them to Saoirse last weekend out of fear she'd outgrow them before Christmas.

Irish Shop Purchase

We then popped into Jake's Pet Boutique where there were plenty of items with which to spoil Seamus. But they didn't have his favorite treats so while we were tempted by the items for sale, we didn't purchase any.

The next stop was Yarns & Company just down the street.

Yarn and Co Easton MD

Proof again that Sean is awesome, he kindly took Seamus for a walk around the block and I checked out the store. I'm sure I could have brought Seamus in with me, but the 11 year old Yorkie in the store wanted nothing to do with Seamus nor Seamus to do with him.

Yarns & Company is a super cute store with a rustic feel. There is a great selection of yarn and the prices are very reasonable. The ladies in the store were so very friendly and I got some assistance with my sock and hat knitting issues (those pesky loose stitches at the beginning of a DPN in the round, aka ladders). I ended up buying some gorgeous hand-dyed yarn from Australia (which also came with a free shawl pattern) and a little skein of baby yarn in light blue. I also got a pair of bamboo knitting needles in size 5.

Yarn Purchase Easton

This store had the best prices for Clover needles I've seen (besides Joann's with a 40% off coupon). The store is definitely worth checking out if you're on the Eastern shore.

While we had a nice time in Easton, we were itching to go back to St. Michaels. I had hoped we'd like Easton more since the homes are bit less expensive than St. Michaels but one must follow their gut and our guts were drawing us back to St. Michaels. I'm guess the same was true for Seamus as he seemed a lot more relaxed and happy-go-lucky (i.e. not barking at everyone and everything) on the streets of St. Michaels as he did in Easton. Seamus also enjoyed our lunch at the Crab and Steak House. He loves hanging out under the table and barking at dogs passing by.

Seamus at Lunch

I did make another stop into Frivolous Fibers. They had changed the layout of the store slightly since last I was there. There is now a couch and it is a bit more open. I didn't buy anything - not for lack of looking and not for lack of wanting. I'm just very much aware of the mammoth stock pile of yarn I have at home and the number of projects I have to get done by the year's end. Best to put off some other yarn purchases while I get the things that need to be done, done.

What about the yarn I bought in Easton? Of course that doesn't count because that was my first visit to the shop. Plus, I do have projects in mind for the purchases. I'm using the shawl pattern that came with the hand-dyed yarn to make a birthday present and the light blue yarn will be made into a baby hat using the size 5 needles. :)


the mistress said...

I heart Seamus.

perchesinthesoul said...

oh, adorable seamus face. we want to kiss you!

Anonymous said...

the hand dyed yarn is absolutely gorgeous!