Wednesday, October 14, 2009

LYS in New Haven, CT: Yarn, LLC

This is a waaaay overdue posting about my trip to New Haven, CT back in July. I only noticed I hadn't blogged about it when I came across the photo of the store over the weekend. That also reminded me that I had not photographed the yarn I bought (nor did I add it to my Ravelry stash). That will be forthcoming next time I take photos.

So here we go - a yarn store review of Yarn, LLC in New Haven, CT.

New Haven Yarn Shop

There are two locations and I went to the one located downtown. I was glad to make it to the store this trip (I was thwarted by a late train in 2008). It is a tiny little store with an adequate selection of yarns. The yarn was organized by color and not by brand or fiber type which I found confusing. I was also irritated that few things had prices, either on the skeins or on the shelves. I don't like having to ask about the price of every skein I like. The saleswoman was very nice and her husband was there learning to knit (his first project - SOCKS! So very ambitious!). And though she was nice, I can't say that I liked the store that much. The selection was just a bit too limited and the organization of the store made it hard to find things. I did end up with a skein of sock yarn. At the time, I had just completed my first pair and I was excited about staring another pair. As of today, it's still in my stash - but it's not alone. I think there are 10 other skeins of sock yarn waiting to be used.

All in all, a decent little store but not one that I would recommend you go out of your way to check out. Perhaps the other store is different or bigger or better.

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