Thursday, September 27, 2007


The date pushed back AGAIN. Ah, the joys of new construction. Not the builder's fault - it's all about BG&E. Whoever heard of an electric company having meters on back order??? And considering the electric rate raises that have been put through, you'd think they'd have plenty of money to have meters in reserve. I think on my next bill, I'll just put a note that my money is on back order and I'll send it when it arrives.

Girls Weekend...The second week of October - and it will either be right before or right after we close on the condo. We'll have a fabulous time among the boxes ready to be transported to the new location (or the boxes recently moved to the new place). A good amount of wine will make it all look like modern art, I'm sure. And Stitches East - oh, yeah, we'll be there!

New employment...Sooo looking forward to finding the right job at the right salary in the right location. It's the trifecta of employment satisfaction that I'm looking's to finding it.

Crafty things...No new projects to speak of as the above 3 items are consuming my time. It's good, because I really must finish what is already on my plate before diving into another project. Unless I find something so fun I just can't help it. :)

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