Friday, September 21, 2007

Completed Project: Fat Bottom Bag

Started this on Sunday -

Lined it on Tuesday...

Finished it on Wednesday night and I used it yesterday! Yay!


Fat Bottom Bag 04

Fat Bottom Bag 05

Pattern: Fat Bottom Bag in the book The Happy Hooker

Hook size: H

Yarn: approximately 1 1/3 skeins of Lily Elite Cotton in Black

Size: 11" wide by 7" deep (excluding handles)

Modifications: I used a smaller hook to obtain the gauge and to my delight - the finished product was spot-on for size! I'm a bit shocked by it.

I also lined this bag thanks to Tiff pointing me in the direction of Kel's easy-to-follow lining tutorial. I bought this material a few years ago for a gypsy Halloween costume. I think it works great as a purse lining. It's very thin so I did a double-lining with white fabric behind it. I'm hoping it doesn't tear. Here's a photo of the lining before I crocheted the top.

Fat Bottom Bag 03

Yes - I did sew this by hand but I won't be sewing the tote bag lining by hand. That is waaaaay more complicated than this one.

I did buy a magnetic snap to add to the bag but the magnet is so strong, I can't pull it apart easily and I don't want to rip the bag. I'm going to add some kind of closure - either a flap with a button hole or a weaker magnetic snap. Embellishments, such as a pin or other decoration are still up in the air, too.

Bonus photo:

A trio of happiness: an F.O., a large mug of coffee and for-no-reason-other-than-he-wanted-to-get-them-for-me flowers from my husband.

Fat Bottom Bag 06



The Queen of the Snow Cows said...

Gorgeous FO, as usual. I love the lining. And the flowers are awesome too.

Sam said...

Thanks! It was a fun bag to make and sewing the lining didn't make me too crazy (or crazier than usual).

Tracie said...

Love the bag. I've not yet made one of those, but it's on my list to do...unless I don't get around to it until it's outta style. :)

And flowers...awww...

Tiffany said...

I love your bag! I'm so glad the lining tutorial worked out for you. :) It looks great!

Sam said...


If I wasn't on a buying freeze, I'd go and get more cotton yarn and handles to make another one.