Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New Project: Colorwaves Blanket

Well, it's not exactly new. I've posted before about working on it but this is the first post with some more details and some photos.

Colorwaves Blanket 01

Planning on 12 skeins of Lion Brand Colorwaves in Caribbean

Close ups: Don't you LOVE the colors? :)
Colorwaves Blanket 02 Colorwaves Blanket 03

Hook: I (5.5 mm)

Pattern: Just double crochet back and forth. The yarn makes the textures of other stitches hard to see and, for some of them - like dc in the back loop - near impossible. The border is still up in the air.

Progress: The photo above is 8 skeins worth of yarn and it measures approximately 43" length and somewhere between 44"-47" wide. Why the huge discrepancy? Beats me. I just couldn't get a consistent measurement this morning. I'm hoping this was due to the lack of caffeine and not a wonky blanket.

Now that I've got enough yarn to finish this one and make another one, I need to decide if I'll give both away as Christmas gifts - or keep one for myself...which is very likely to happen.


The Queen of the Snow Cows said...

Absolutely gorgeous coloway! I can see why you had to buy more. And it looks fantastically comfy too.

Sam said...

It's really soft - but different from Homespun and not as warm. I love it!