Sunday, September 9, 2007

Dear Santa

The tote bag is coming along nicely. I've got the front and back and two large pockets done. I'm working on the gusset and will probably have it and the two small pockets done by tomorrow. And while I'll then be able to start the red handles, I can't start to assemble it until I buy and some fabric for the lining.

And lining means sewing.

And I don't have a sewing machine...


That's the request for Christmas - a cheap (but not too cheap) sewing machine so I can make linings and other sewing projects. One of the projects I'd like to start is the Fat Bottom Bag. I've got extra yarn to start making it and with sites like Tiff Crochets and With a Hook showcasing such beautiful bags, how can I not start one? Or three?


Tiffany said...

Definitely start a Fat Bottom Bag! It will be irresistible!

Sam said...

Thanks, Tiff. I'm definitely looking forward to making one. :)