Saturday, September 15, 2007

Progress Report: Eight Pocket Two-Tone Carryall Tote

All the pieces are done! And yes, even the ends are woven in.

Two Tone Tote 02

It's been a quick project creating the pieces from start to finish. But now, it will stay in hibernation until at least December if not January. Because, if I'm lucky, Santa will bring me a sewing machine so I can properly sew the lining. No sense ruining such a beautiful bag with my sad attempt at hand sewing the lining.

Until we meet again...
Two Tone Tote 03


Tracie said...

Aww, and I so wanted to see this one completed. Too bad we don't live closer; I'd let you borrow my machine. Guess I'll have to wait. *crossing fingers Santa brings you one*

Sam said...

Thanks for the offer, Tracie. I would have totally taken you up on it. :)

I'm feeling pretty confident that Santa will deliver. I'm planning to make him a batch of his favorite oatmeal cookies.