Thursday, September 13, 2007

More Bad Behavior

I've been working on an afghan/blanket (remind me of the difference again?) using Lion Brand Colorwaves in Caribbean that I bought back in July. I got 8 skeins of it thinking it would be enough for a blanket, but here I am, close to the end, and I know I need more yarn. I also know that I may not be giving this blanket away after all. I just love how it looks and feels - the colors are fantastic and it isn't an overly warm blanket. Light enough for a chill in the air but not sub-zero weather.

So what have I done to remedy the situation?

Yep - Another order at Smiley's Yarn. I bought :gasp!: 16 skeins of Caribbean - 4 more to finish my current blanket/afghan and 12 more to make the second one (that I'll actually give to someone). I also got some other stuff - but I'll post about it when the yarn arrives.

The moving date is approaching - now I've got more yarn to haul from here to there. At least it doesn't weigh much. :)


Tracie said...

oOo...prettiful yarn. Can't wait to see the final product.

Sam said...

It's getting there - I just need to figure out what to do with the border.