Monday, June 23, 2008

Completed Project: Baby Ripple Blanket

Just about 3 weeks to complete it, here's the finished baby blanket for little Richard or Corrie (name and gender TBD).

Baby Ripple 05 Baby Ripple 07
Baby Ripple 08
Baby Ripple 10 Baby Ripple 09

Final size is about 23 1/2" wide by 25" long. Seems to be a good size and I really like the cotton-acrylic blend. It's cool and comfy without the scratchy-ness that some all cotton blends can sometime have. Look for all the stats (hook size, additional photos, etc) on Ravelry....

As you can see, the lighting was not ideal compared with the first photos I took. Though it was well before sunset, the storm clouds had moved in and blocked the natural evening light. But all was not lost. For as the rain started to fall, there was another rainbow to photograph.

Rainbow 3

Rainbow 8

More photos here.


The Queen of the Snow Cows said...

Beautiful blanket Sam! I'm still in the land of starting projects with no real plan on how or when I'm going to finish them.

I love rainbows! Cool pics!

Sam said...

The only reason these projects are getting done is because of the "due date" due date. Other than the baby blankets, I've got some projects lingering and many more I want to start. Finishing them is another story - so I'm with you on that!

BTW - I ate pierogies last night and thought of you and the girls!