Sunday, June 15, 2008

New Project: Baby Ripple Blanket

This blanket is for Richard or Corrie Jr. who is slated to make his/her arrival in August. I've included some photos with natural lighting and with the flash since the colors look different with both.

Baby Ripple 01

Baby Ripple 03

Baby Ripple 02

Baby Ripple 04

I'm using the Shaded Blanket pattern by Vanna White. I'm using Lion Brand Cotton-Ease instead of Vanna's Choice because I had the cotton-ease in my stash. The cotton blend should be cool enough for DC summer temperatures and the colors are fun for a baby blanket. I'm not sure if I'll only need 1 or 2 skeins per color to finish it. I've got 2 of each just in case.

A very good pattern for anyone looking for a quick and easy baby blanket to make. You can really use any yarn you want and you can adjust the size. I wanted the blanket to be slightly larger than the dimensions for the baby blanket in the pattern, so my foundation chain was 118 (adding 17 stitches to the baby blanket size). If you want a size larger, just keep adding multiples of 17 to your foundation chain. Each chain of 17 equals one chevron/ripple. (My blanket has 7 ripples while the original pattern has 6.)

I'm hoping to have this blanket done by the end of June so that when I see Mom and Dad-to-be, I've got the gift ready for giving.

PS: In the last photo above, you can see a sneak preview of what KMP's baby blanket is going to look like.

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