Saturday, June 14, 2008

Spring-ish Cleaning

Spring sprung more than a month ago but it is now when I feel the need to clean and organize "things". Those "things" range from the bathroom linen closet to files on my computer to this very blog.

You'll note that things have changed on the side bar. I've removed the list of completed projects and condensed them into one post. The list was becoming so long, it would take some significant scrolling to see the other links listed on the side bar.

Another change was to include progress bars directly from Ravelry. This way I only have to update my progress in one spot, instead of updating Ravelry and changing the images in Flickr on my Blogger template. Soooo much easier! If you are a Ravelry member and want to learn how to get the progress bars, click here. If you're a Blogger user, be sure to check out this post which will show you how to split up the CSS and Java code to make it work correctly.

I'm hoping to add and modify other things on the blog as time permits (and as my understanding of html allows), so stay tuned!

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