Saturday, June 14, 2008

Weekend Update

While I should be cleaning the house and paying the bills, I have instead allowed myself this time to do some updating on the blog. Yes, I am the Queen of Procrastination.

An update from my travels last week... Sadly, my train was an hour late arriving in New Haven so I was not able to check out the LYS as planned. Quite disappointing but I expect I'll be back in the area within the year to check out Yarn LLC. I should point out that Yarn LLC was listed in the recent issue of Interweave Crochet as being a crochet-friendly store. I look forward to verifying that in person.

A wonderful surprise did overshadow the disappointment of not visiting the LYS. It just so happened that one of my dearest friends was gong to be on my train. What makes this such a a freak coincidence is that her travels started all the way in Louisiana.

My phone rang Wednesday morning and I was delighted to see KMP's name on caller ID. She said she wanted to call as she would be traveling by my house.

Me: "What?!"

KMP: "Yes, I'm on the train to Boston and I'll be passing by DC and Baltimore shortly."

I had totally forgotten her mention of the trip when she told me of it in May. She had left Louisiana the morning prior for a 36 hour train ride to Boston for a convention.

KMP: "I'm sorry - I must be bothering you at work. I completely forgot."

Me: "Actually, I'm home this morning. I, too, am taking a train this afternoon. I'm heading up to Boston. Wait - what train are you on?"

As it turns out, she was switching trains in NYC - and yes, she switched to my train! How crazy is that?! It wasn't planned - how could it? She didn't know I was traveling and I had forgotten about her trip. It was just meant to be. :)

We spent over an hour visiting on the train. It was so good to see her. We remarked how we hadn't seen each other in 1 1/2 years and now we had seen each other twice in two months. Now that she has released the news to her family, I can post here that she is expecting and due in late December. She's feeling good and looking healthy; she definitely has that pregnancy glow. I asked her about a baby blanket - what color or design or yarn she would prefer. She knew what she wanted - a baby version of the blanket I have on my couch. It's the same blanket we had on our couch when we shared a house and one that she snuggled with during her trip here in May. It's made of Lion Brand Homespun in Corinthian. A baby blanket will be quite warm and easy to care for (right in the washer and dryer - no fuss). I may have to find a pattern I like beyond the basic double crochet back and forth. We'll see what I find. I'm also planning to make an adult size blanket in the same colors. Mom and Dad need a gift, too, since the little one is due to arrive on their anniversary.

I've got another baby blanket started, this one for friend I met through KMP. She's due in August (I think) so I'm busily crocheting away. I will hopefully post some photos this weekend. Sadly, the project became too big for my commute and instead I turned to reading a book that has been in my possession for 18 years (as the inscription says). I finally read Jane Eyre which my Mom gave me for Christmas in 1990.

Truly, I am the Queen of Procrastination.

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