Monday, June 2, 2008

Completed Project: A Hippo for Grace

This is a free pattern from Lion Brand and I used up some Homespun yarn in my stash to make it. I also decided not to make the bikini and tutu. It just didn't seem right for this particular hippo.

Look for all the stats (hook size, additional photos, etc) on Ravelry....

Hippo 01

Hippo 05

You can see how the lighting in the second shot shows the slight variations in color of the yarn. It's mostly a tan/neutral color with shades of purple and green. The flash makes it look almost yellow - which is not true to life - but I thought it showed the color change more clearly.

I gave the hippo to little Grace today while her Mom, another friend and I all had lunch. The reason I made her a hippo is because her grandmother has an unnatural, almost compulsive love for rabbits. So poor Grace has been inundated with rabbits on blankets and pajamas and birthday cards, not to mention stuffed rabbits. What's the opposite of a rabbit? My guess - a hippo.

And yes, Grace loved it. She even managed to pull out part of the embroidered mouth (the pink yarn). No harm done as I had done a double thickness of the mouth.

My other friend at lunch, who is just a few weeks away from popping, loved her baby blanket. I'm very much looking forward to hearing whether it's a boy or girl. I may have to make s/he a hippo, too.

Now it's off to start another baby blanket. While I'm at it, I should start a couple more, too. Who knows who is going to call me next to let me know they're expecting. I need to have a couple blankets in reserve. :)

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the mistress said...

It must be something in the water. Ha ha! I love the hippo.