Tuesday, June 3, 2008

More Travels...

I'm taking the train up to New Haven, CT on Wednesday for another work related meeting. I won't be getting there until sometime after 5 pm. Had I thought ahead, I would have chosen a different train because there happens to be an LYS within walking distance from the station.

Yarn LLC
Downtown: 55 Whitney Ave, New Haven, CT 06510
Westville: 910 Walley Ave, New Haven, CT 06515

The downtown location is about 10 blocks (1 mile) from the station. If my train is on time, I should have enough time to walk there and check out the store the before it closes at 6pm. But given Amtrak's record, I'm not holding my breath that my train is on time.

Lesson learned - from now on, I check for LYS near my final destination before I book my tickets.

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