Friday, July 11, 2008

Back to the Familiar

Why so quiet on the blogging front?

To be honest, I've been frustrated with my latest project. The BUBBLES bubble wrap got the best of me - TWICE! After my flub up at the airport, I finally picked up the shawl again over the weekend. How proud I was of myself that I managed to rip out 4 or 5 rows and get all the stitches back on the needle and begin knitting away. My counts worked out - ending with the right amount of stitches. I patted myself on the back; even bragged to the Queen and Mistress of my success.

Then, during my ride to work on Tuesday morning, I got to the same row I had problems with the first time. And there was the problem AGAIN. Same location, same stitch, staring at me and yes, I may have heard some quiet laughter.


I was so frustrated. I started ripping out the row then had to stop midway as the train was arriving at the station. While I managed to get what I think is all of the stitches onto the needles to avoid further damage and unraveling, I did not leave the project in good shape. Currently, the project is wadded up against the needles with the excess yarn wrapped around it and it's sitting on a shelf in the craft room.

What's a girl to do to relieve this frustration? (minds out of the gutter, please)

Start a new crocheting project.

Back to a tried and true method of craftiness. Back to the familiar feel of a hook in my hand and the speed and ease as stitches multiply effortlessly. Back to sanity and calmness and ease.

I found some neutral cotton yarn in my stash leftover from the eight pocket two-tone carryall I made. I'm well into making another fat bottom bag. My frustration level has dropped and the calmness has returned.

No worries - I'll go back to wrap at some point. I'm just not sure when. Right now I'm basking in the familiar fuzzy feelings of crochet.


the mistress said...

Aw. I feel your pain. The BUBBLES bubbles wrap kicks my ass on a weekly basis. They should have labeled the pattern as "DIFFICULT." I've decided to start using stitch markers. I have learned something from this project other than patience. I am now able to look at the stitches on the needle and tell what kind of stitch they are. It seems that I always forget yarn overs. Good luck when you pick it up again. Sending happy thoughts your way.

Sam said...

Thanks, Mistress. I agree with you - this project also taught me about identifying the different stitches. So that is definitely a good thing.

But can I really get myself into the habit of using stitch markers? We'll see about that. Plus, I'd need to buy some. LOL!

the mistress said...

I agree - it will be a hard habit to pick up. If it means that I don't have to knit 2, frog 3, then I'm up for giving it a try. LOL!