Monday, July 21, 2008

Completed Project: Fat Bottom Bag (version 2.0)

From the familiar to the fabulous, my bag is done! In Ravelry, it looks like it took me quite a long time to finish this. Not true! There was just a pause between frantic crocheting and finding time to line it. I lined it and crocheted the flaps last night and attached the handles during my commute today.

Fat Bottom Bag 2a

Pattern: Fat Bottom Bag in the book The Happy Hooker

Hook size: I

Yarn: more than 1 but less than 2 skeins of Lily Sugar n' Cream in Ecru

Size: 13" wide by 8" deep (excluding handles)

Modifications: I used the size hook recommended by the pattern. Didn't even bother with the gauge. The larger hook than I used last time and my mistake at adding rows at the beginning (and having to add rows at the end) made this bag larger than expected - but I love it!

Comparison with the first bag I made:
Fat Bottom Bag 2f

I lined the bag thanks again to Kel's easy-to-follow lining tutorial. I bought this material a few years ago on a whim. I just loved the fabric but never knew for what I'd use such a small piece. Voila! A purpose!

Fat Bottom Bag 2c

Fat Bottom Bag 2b

Fat Bottom Bag 2d

And here's a close up of the machine sewn lining and the magnetic snaps I used. I should also note that I sewed the length (the ungathered) part of the lining first before I gathered and pinned the sides. This was good for two reasons - first, it made pinning and sewing the sides easier, and second, I could attach the snaps in the exact right places to line up.

Fat Bottom Bag 2e

Though the lining is very fun, the outside is a bit drab. I don't know if I'll add a ribbon or not (depends if I have a ribbon) or perhaps I should crochet a flower. Suggestions welcome.

Funny story to share about this, too. I showed a coworker the finished product and asked what she would pay for such a bag. I pointed out it was lined, had a magnetic clasp and was handmade. She said with the bamboo handles, she's pay $60.


Well, probably $45 for the Eastern Market crowd. (Still...$45??!) Then I told her I had made it - she was shocked. She thought I had bought it and either paid too much for it or got a fabulous bargain and wanted her opinion on the value of my purchase.

Do I see a side business in my future? :)


the mistress said...

I love it! It's beautiful. Good job!

Sam said...

Thanks! But could you see someone paying for it? And if so, for how much? (Just doing some marketing research here. :) )

the mistress said...

I don't know. I don't buy very many bags.
I found this website where crochet bags are being sold for $50-$60.

the Albino Bowler said...

Nicely done. Witty words, killer photos. I've been to your page before but it's been a long time so I have bookmarked your address so I can come back and check in on you when I have the time. I do believe we share some interests. Like you, I am a big fan of harry connick...