Thursday, July 17, 2008

Going Bananas

All's quiet on the crocheting front, but the baking department was busy last night.

Monkey Brownie 1

Behold! Using Wilton's new monkey pan, I give you - monkey brownie!

Before frosting:
Monkey Brownie 2

After frosting:
Monkey Brownie 5

Monkey Brownie 3

Isn't he cute?

I bought the pan so I can make Sean's birthday cake in August but I wanted to try it out first. Using the included brownie monkey decorating instructions, I made this little guy for work.

One thing about making brownies in this pan is that the entire thing does not cook evenly. I thought it had cooked enough when I turned the brownie upside down on the foil but when people cut into him today, there was a gooey center of uncooked brownie batter. Lucky for me they thought it was fudge.

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the mistress said...

I love him!