Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Creativity Running Rampant

It started with the ladybug...now two more coaster designs worked up...

This one is called "Froggy love Daddy? Daddy love Froggy!" from the movie "Blazing Saddles". (Thanks for Sean for the name.)

Frog Coaster 1

And here's a watermelon. No fun title for this one yet.

Watermelon Coaster 1

I'm still working on writing up the ladybug pattern so these patterns are also waiting to be written. I have a set of three (related theme) coasters I also need to finish making, writing up the pattern, and photographing. I'm hoping to get some coupons for Joann's because I need some different color cotton yarn to finish those.

So here's the question - would you be willing to buy the pattern to make these? What would a good price be? Think of y'all as being my little focus group for marketing Crocheting Commuter designs and wares. And thanks in advance!


The Queen of the Snow Cows said...

I love all the coasters! I may have to take up drinking multiple beverages so I can make and use all these beautiful things!

As for price, depending on what's involved, I've seen e-patterns anywhere from $4 to $9. Check on etsy and ravelry and then set a price. Whatever it is I'll be buying one!

Sam said...

LOL! As if - you have to be one of my testers...and testers get free patterns! :)

Tracie (mscrochets) said...

I love the creative coasters you've been making. The frog one reminds me of Kermit. :)

To pass along a little piece of advice that my CGOA mentor gave to me that someone in the field gave to her, "Never sell one of your patterns for less that $4!" Of course, the price is totally up to the designer. Only you know what it took to write the pattern.