Sunday, February 14, 2010

Always Follow Your Gut

I was soooo close to having the longest weekend ever until the government reopened on Friday. Had it stayed closed, it would have been an 11-day weekend for me - from the Friday prior to this Monday's holiday. But no, OPM decided to do delayed opening/liberal leave for the day and given that I don't have a ton of leave, I made the trek in to the city.


Long story short - the commute was awful both in and out of the city (ice, puddles, train delays and a derailment, and almost missing my train home) and even just 6 hours of work seemed to undo all the relaxation and enjoyment I had gleaned from the snow days.

I should have stayed home like my gut told me to ... but with so little leave, it was a hard decision to make. Next time - leave balance be damned! I'm staying home!

I tried to get back into the relaxation/enjoyment groove yesterday with a trip to Joann's for some new storage containers (40 percent off - yay!) and a new skein of Baby Soft for the third Ocean Waves blanket (yet to be started). I also got my taxes done and was able to ask some questions of my accountant about starting a small business. I've got some more information now about copyrighting and registering a trademark/brand name and also getting a tax number if I need it. My gut is telling me to pursue this crafty entrepreneurship, so I'm listening!

Today will be spent finishing the updates to my stash on Ravelry and organizing the craft cabinet. But this will done after I make my wonderful husband a delicious Valentine's Day breakfast and a batch of oatmeal cookies.

I hope you have something fun planned for your Valentine's Day, too!

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