Thursday, February 25, 2010

Completed Project: Ocean Waves Blanket for Lucia

Completed this one on Monday - which was well in advance of today's baby shower. It measures about 24" x 25 1/2" using Lion Brand Baby Soft yarn (less than a skein of each color) and a G crochet hook. More links and details on Ravelry.

Ocean Waves Blanket 02 09

Ocean Waves Blanket 02 11

The photos don't do it justice as I had to photograph it last night and the lighting was poor. I love the way it looks except I think I should have beefed up the border a bit. Unlike the first ocean waves blanket where I used a different border, for this one I used the one that came with the pattern.

I also made a cake for the shower - the colors are somewhat similar to the blanket. A coincidence? Not at all. And making the cake means I cross off another item from my Year of Lovely Things list.

Shower Cake 06

Shower Cake 05

Shower Cake 04

I am now frantically trying to finish the third ocean waves blanket before March 4th. But I've got company coming on Saturday and list of other stuff that needs to get done sooner rather than later. If it really looks as though I'm not going to make it, I'll make a mini version of the blanket and put it in a little bag as a preview of what they'll eventually get.


the mistress said...

Well, aren't you just full of crafty goodness! =)

perches said...

Beautiful blanket, that baby will be wrapped in pretty pretty love. And the cake, wow! Those flowers are amazing. Great work :)