Monday, February 22, 2010

Painted Butterflies

You may have wondered what I meant when I put "paint butterflies" on my Year of Lovely Things list. Wonder no more...

With some neon highlighter markers I went from this:

Butterflies 04

To this:

Butterflies 05

Butterflies 01

I made four in total that will be put on a baby shower cake I need to make later this week. You'll notice the color scheme matches the baby blanket I'm giving to the momma-to-be.

They came out quite nicely given I quickly decorated them with broad tipped highlighters. I still have 8 left to paint at a future time - not sure whether I'll use actual paint, other markers or maybe even embroidery or fabric.

Wanna make your own set? I got these from Oriental Trading Company for just $6.00 per dozen. They measure about 3 1/2 inches but if you want a larger size, they have a 7 inch version, too.

1 comment:

perchesinthesoul said...

Lovely! Most craft stores also carry them - I got a box for the kids last Easter.