Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Place for Everything (Almost)

During snowmaggedon, I put down my crochet hook and picked up a screwdriver to put together the new cabinet for the craft room. Here's the old cabinet:

Old Cabinet 02

The homespun had no home inside the cabinet and neither did the pile of yarn on the second shelf. I had posted some time ago just how full the inside was - but it had become even worse because a yarn freeze doesn't last very long. I had a goal and a coupon when I searched Home Decorators last month for a new cabinet and I was lucky that it arrived before the blizzard. Here's a photo of the finished assembly:

New Cabinet 01

You'll see in the photo I'm still trying to organize my stash, which also includes double checking my current stash list in Ravelry. I really like the way it looks in the craft room. What I didn't realize until it arrived is that the colors of the cabinet match the fabric I bought to make the craft room curtains. A great surprise!

As large as this new cabinet is... there is not enough room for all my yarn, books and assorted other crafty materials (beading, painting and sewing supplies) in this one cabinet. Once the old cabinet and corner unit are gone, I'll be checking out Home Decorators for another piece to compliment the new cabinet. In the meantime, with another storm on it's way tonight (yes, another 10-20 inches is predicted!), I'm sure I'll have plenty of time to finish my inventory.


the mistres said...

It's awesome! You've got some impressive craft and organization skills. =)

Diane said...

like your craft cabinet~at least, some good is coming from all this snow!