Saturday, February 6, 2010


It was worse than they predicted and I'm at the epicenter of the storm with a reported 32" of snow so far. Here's what I saw at 9:30 this morning. Note that this is the view from the third floor of our condo building.

Saturday morning

Snowmaggedon 2010

Seamus soooo wanted to go out and investigate but the snow was deeper than he was taller on the balcony and 4 times his height on the ground.

Seamus and Snowmaggedon

I'm taking advantage of having to be homebound for the day (and probably the next 2 days). The laundry is going, some cleaning is planned, and I'm getting some blogging done. I should also have plenty of time to put together my new craft cabinet. (It's just a matter of how I'll get the empty boxes out to the dumpster.)

Stay warm!


perchesinthesoul said...

Snowpocalypse! That's what they're calling it down here, and we didn't get quite as much as you. Love your pictures, can't wait to see your new cabinet.

the mistress said...

Beautiful. I think "snow days" should go on your list of lovely things.

Sam said...

I definitely agree, Mistress. I'm home for the third missed day of work and I'm LOVING it!!! I really need to not work anymore and just be crafty. :)