Saturday, March 10, 2007

Got Yarn?

My recent order from Lion Brand arrived on Thursday evening. Let's take a look at what was inside this wonderful package!

  • 3 skeins Avocado
  • 3 skeins Cranberry
  • 1 skein White
  • 1 skein Fisherman

I had used Wool-Ease before for a pair of mittens. I love the way it feels and looks and I absolutely love the bright green of the Avocado yarn. I'm guessing I'll use this yarn for Christmas related things. Maybe I'll try to make my own Christmas stocking.

Here's the other part of my order:

Lion Cotton
  • 2 skeins Sage
  • 1 skein Black
  • 1 skein White

This yarn was really the purpose of my purchase. I need this cotton yarn to make the skullholders. While the Mistress has an olive kitchen, Lion cotton did not have a comparable color so I thought this color would work best for her and for the Queen. But the Sage looked sorta odd to me...

Doesn't this look more like a blueish-gray than a sage green? Isn't sage always a green? Please correct me if I'm wrong about that.

The yarn looked really wrong when I compared it to the intense green of the Avocado Wool-Ease. It almost looks teal.

So far the yarn looks more green next to the black and white yarn (I've started the skullholders but that progress is for another post).

Here's one more small thing I ordered - Stitchmarkers!!

Here's a tip for all you yarn bargain shoppers out there. There is a trick to getting a 15% discount when ordering from the Lion Brand site. If you go to the yarn section and add stuff to your cart, you'll be paying full price. Go ahead - click here and add some yarn. Comes up as $3.49 each, right?

Now click here for a free afghan pattern (you may have to register to see this). Under the materials list you should see a blinking "Save 15%" sign. Go ahead and add any of those yarns to your basket.

Ta-da!! The yarn you just added to your cart is now $2.96. You just saved 15%! And you were not required to buy all the yarn included in that pattern nor did you have to buy the pattern! A great way to save some cash - and considering the shipping costs are significant, saving some money on yarn can help.

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