Sunday, March 25, 2007

Progress Report: Baby Starghan

Once Dax's Baby Blanket was done, I started the Baby Starghan. The starghan is for one of my best friends whose nickname is Superstar. Seems appropriate that I make a star-shaped blanket for her baby girl. Superstar Junior isn't due to arrive until July but she's accepting gifts prior to the birth. Auntie Sam wants to get this out to California well before the arrival.

This starghan will be colorful and fun, using all colors of the rainbow. I started making the starghan with an G hook, which is the usual hook I use with the baby sportweight from Bernat. For the rainbow, I started with the colors going in reverse (pink in the center).

But I thought the blanket was too loose and I didn't like the way the pink looked near the center. So I took out my F hook and made a second one, this time using purple for rows 4 and 5.

Comparing the two, I like the stitch size and color scheme of the F hook purple one.

Here are the details of this project:


Pattern: Baby Starghan by The Diva Crochets

Hook size: F


Bernat Baby Coordinates in

  • White
  • Baby Pink
  • Lemon Custard (yellow)
  • Iced Mint (green)
  • Soft Blue
  • Soft Mauve (purple)


I'm also making another blanket for the little Superstar. (She's spoiled already!) I ordered the Afghan of the Sandman pattern and bought some pretty pink yarn (Bernat Softee Baby). I'm hoping to start this blanket soon, too.


Brianna said...

So pretty, i love the yarn you used. I will have to put my Bernat Baby Coordinates to use soon.After i finish my round ripple, i will try to make an starghan

Sam said...

It's a fantastic and easy pattern. Though I haven't made a round ripple, I've heard it is quite similar. Happy starghaning!