Thursday, March 8, 2007

To Do List

In anticipation of my Lion Brand order that is supposed to arrive today, I wanted to write out my current 'to do' list. I have a current projects list on the side bar, but it doesn't have links to the patterns or anything. I thought this would be more fun - and it would be an easy reference spot for me to click on the needed patterns.

I'm leaving out the couple of baby blankets I've already posted about - onto the yet to be started projects!

Baby Starghan - pattern by The Diva Crochets
I started this pattern using the Sweet Stripes Bernat yarn. While I loved the way the piece looked structurally, the changing colors of the yarn did not work at all. It looked uneven and sloppy. I know when I use my single colored yarn (Bernat Baby Coordinates), it will look great.

Skullholders - pattern from The Happy Hooker (another sample)
Not much of a surprise anymore, is it.... T'is the crafty project I'll be making for my girls. :)

New Wave Throw - pattern by Lion Brand
I bought this pattern with my latest order. I haven't had a chance to look at the pattern yet but I'm hoping to use different colors; perhaps blues or greens. There are a lot of Homespun colors from which to choose.

Daisy Crochet Charity Square by Krochet Krystal
I NEED to start this next so that I don't get labeled a bad swapper/sharer. Though in my defense, I didn't have an H hook until recently.
Depending on how much I like the finished product, I may make a bunch of these for a baby blanket. At the rate everyone is breeding, it's not a bad idea to have one or two blankets in the pipeline.

Afghan of the Sandman by The Crochet Garden
I absolutely love the way this blanket looks! All one color and yet the texture is so interesting!

Stained Glass Window Afghan by The Crochet Collection
This will be a great stash-buster project. Not sure when this project will be started...


The Queen of the Snow Cows said...

The Starghan is so awesome! and I love the textured stitch of the Sandman blanket.

I have to pull out my Happy Hooker book and crochet those skull holders. I'm itching to crochet all of a sudden!

Sam said...

But I'm crocheting a pair FOR you (and for Beth-la). Not to say you couldn't have two pairs. :)

I'm also itching to knit! Think you could give me some pointers when you're here at MS&W?