Thursday, August 30, 2007


At least, that was what Sean and I felt like after having a slice of his wonderful birthday cake.

Sean's Cake 2007

Sean's Cake 2007 (2)

The green grass of the field is a generous layer of green sugar crystals and the gobs of icing to create the dirt, bases and umpire mask are as thick as they look. Not to mention that this is a layered cake with more frosting in the center. Not a cake for diabetics.

Sean loved the cake and I had a fun time making it, as I do all of his cakes. And aside from the sugar rush from whence I am now coming down, it was oh so tasty!

A few funny mishaps that happened during the cake making & eating:

1) My first attempt to make brown icing went very, very wrong. I thought red and green would make a nice dark brown. Instead, I wound up with dark Army green boarding on green baby poo. NOT pretty.

2) As you tell in the photo, I ran out of room to write "Sean". The umpire mask was also a little off as the black gel icing tip was not fine enough. Looks like a weird goblin mask or something. Oh well - call it artistic license.

3) Sean blew out the candles in one big breath - which sent the green sugar crystals flying off the cake, onto the table, the chairs and the floor. Priceless!

I noticed that the Joann's store near me has cake decorating classes. I'm going to sign up to take them one of these days. It would be nice to know how to decorate a cake with an appropriate amount of frosting and decorations.

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