Thursday, August 16, 2007

Rewarding Bad Behavior

My Smiley's Yarn order arrived!

Smileys Yarn Order 8-07

For detailed photos and info on the yarn, you can head over to my Ravelry stash page and check it out. Have I mentioned lately how much I :heart: Ravelry?


The Queen of the Snow Cows said...

Not that it affects me, as I have a ravelry account, but those who do not have a ravelry account cannot see your stash page.

You make me want to go out and buy lots of yarn. I'm NOT going to do that, but you make me WANT to.

Sam said...

Yeah, I know about the no-access thing unless you're signed up. (Sorry for anyone who can't see it.) I was just too lazy to type out all the details when Ravelry does it for me automatically. Hopefully it won't be long when the Ravelry folks go live (out of Beta) and everyone can sign up.

No worries about buying yarn right now. There will be plenty of opportunity to buy some at Stitches East in October. :)