Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Weekend Update - with Crocheting Commuter

The title gave me a flashback to Saturday Night Live - back when it was good, that is.

What a wonderful weekend I had! It was soooo relaxing. After an extremely boring mortgage class, Sean and I headed out to Ellicott City for lunch. Now that Howard County's smoking ban is in effect, we could check out this little Irish pub which just so happens to be in the same complex as the Celtic Knot Yarn Shop. Coincidence that I suggested the pub for lunch? I'll let you decide.

While Sean went into the pub, I headed down to the store for a quick look. I was on the search for some cotton yarn to make the eight pocket two-tone carryall tote. I found some really nice natural colored cotton yarn, but there wasn't enough of it for my project. I also found some beautiful cotton blend yarns (the name of which I can't remember), but I would have had to buy 10 skeins and each was over $5. Now, I'm not one to shy away from spending money on good yarn, but I'm not going to spend that much money on a new pattern. After I make the first tote, using some less expensive yarn, I'll see if it is worth making one with more expensive yarn.

While in the store, I noticed they had added many more crochet hooks to the needle wall. The last time I was in, there were only 2 or 3 hook sizes and when I asked about crochet, the sales person had the air of knit-snobbery. Not the case this time as they seemed very crochet friendly. After asking the salesperson about upcoming classes, I did a double-take. She looked so familiar... "You're on Ravelry, aren't you?" I blurted out. Yep, it was Lindsay. She has such wonderful projects and designs. So while I didn't find the yarn I wanted, it was a great to meet to fellow Ravelry-er...or Ravelree? or Ravelrytonian? What is the proper term?

On Sunday, I got to deliver the "J" pillow. Sean and I had brunch with little Jade and her Mom and Dad at La Madeline's. J'aime les croissants! Jade seemed to like the pillow, though it was a bit difficult to play with it at the table given the pillow was as big as she is.

The other parts of the weekend involved crocheting, reading Harry Potter (Sean has now started and is already onto book 3) and there was even time for a nap. Such a great weekend - and probably the calm before the storm. Not long until we move and there is sooooooo much to sort and pack. But let's not think of such things now as I'm still basking in the relaxation that was the weekend.


Tracie said...

That's pretty cool that you met a fellow Ravelrian and actually recognized her. I'm still in that "hey, have you heard about Ravelry?" stage, although a few people I'm familiar with is there.

Sam said...

Ravelrian! That's a great term for it! :)

Can't wait for Ravelry to go live. I'm sure it will become a very familiar term in the crochet/knit communities.

Tiffany said...

How neat to run into a fellow Raveler!

My husband finally decided that he needed to read the Harry Potter books (I am WAY too impatient of a person to have waited this long!) and is breezing through them like mad. He's halfway through Book 4 and started about... 3 weeks ago, I think. It's so funny to see him panic because Book 6 & 7 are not in the house (he's planning ahead) and have to be shipped from my mom's.

Sam said...

Tiffany - that is too funny! My husband started reading book 1 on Friday - and he's already onto book 3! I have no doubt he'll be onto book 5 by the weekend.

I don't know how you waited years between the books! I'm happy I started reading them once they were all published. But I'm not done with 7 yet - so no spoilers! :)