Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Progress Report: Afghan of the Sandman

Yes, the title should read "Completed Project" - but it's not done.

The big box for the virtual shower got shipped out last night ($75!!!!) and only the starghan made it inside. I am so close to finishing it but, like the overall progress of the afghan, I can't seem to get it done in a timely manner. I'm onto row 8 of 9 on the border, so I'll have it done tonight and I'll ship it out USPS in the morning. Yes, it will cost a bit to get it to California by Friday, but that's the price of procrastination. No worries - I'll be sure to snap some photos before I wrap it up and send it off.

This will learn me not to give myself deadlines when it comes to projects. I never seem to meet them and I get stressed out about them for no reason. It'll get done when it gets done.


Sam said...

Done and done - as of this morning at 7 am. Photos and a posting soon!

Yay! I'm done!!!

The Queen of the Snow Cows said...

I was just going to say "Hey Sam the progress bar says 100%!"

Suh-weet! And congrats, finishing is nice.

I can't give myself a deadline. I hate being told what to do (even when it's me) and find myself refusing to finish. I'm, uh, mental.